Metal Detector

NMD530 특장점

User-Friendly Operating system

Full Color Touch Screen (7 Inch TFT LCD)
  • Much Wider & Taller for user
  • Intuitive Operating Manual
  • No more Paper Manual Book
  • Variable Language Option

Auto-setting function of the inspection items
  • Beginner can set up easily with help manual

Manageable Detecting History
  • Detection history by various classifications and periods (in a daily / weekly / monthly / period-specified way)
  • Data on detection history Accessibility by LCD screen, USB disk and Printer (Optional)

Easy software upgradability by USB and touch screen whenever the latest version is available

Connectivity to external devices
  • USB Port for Data Management
  • Monitoring real-time operating status for multiple metal detectors through the connective access to LAN.
  • Interlocking the machine to various typed external devices through RS232C & 485 port

Enhanced Detecting Performance

Multi Frequency Operation
  • Support mixed-frequency operation mode

Digital Signal Processing
  • 32-bit microprocessor
  • Noise Filter Technology by Software Filter

Phase-Tracking Function
  • Optimumdetecting level is maintained by automatically coping with products

Powerful Durability

Certificate IP66 (Dustproof, Waterproof)
  • Use Stainless Steel for Anti-Corrosion

Strong Durability
  • Strong structure for vibration, shock and heat

Selectable Type of Conveyor Belts
  • 1) Plastic Chain Belt : Oil and moisture resistance, No deformation, tension changes and impact, abrasion resistance
  • 2) Urethane Belt : Suitable for processed meat or Kimchi, and bulk product

Reliable After-Sale Service

No.1 Market Share in Korea
  • Customer confidence is the best value

Superior technology
  • Own Research and Development Center
  • Self-Production in Korea
  • Accumulated Development, Production and Installation Know-How

Worldwide After-Sale Service Network
  • Export to over 25 countries based on reliable quality
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