재능있고 우수한 직원채용

Now System Co ,.Ltd always opens for recruitment to seek talented and excellent employees who are with positive thinking, enterprising passion, dream for future, and creativity.

1) Responsible person who can finish on his duties with passion and faith
Now System Co ,.Ltd wants person who can re-try for success without being afraid and frustrated of failure.

2) Person who can actively respond to changes through continues self-development.
Now System Co ,.Ltd wants active person who can seek opportunity of success by trying and putting continues efforts to develop their skills.

3) Person with creativity and respect characters and emphasis on teamwork
Now System Co ,.Ltd wants person who can cooperate with others with characteristic and positive thinking as well as outstanding creativity and challenging mind to become a major player in 21centry.

개인의 능력 및 팀의 성과를 최우선

Our company considers top priority emphasis on personal ability and team performance as well as individual. Therefore all HR policy and promotions reflect on personal abilities and performance.
  • Fair evaluation and award on contribution for company through our personal committee
  • Maximizing individual ability through fair HR management and identifying employee’s aptitude
  • Promotion is conducted on yearly basis
  • The proposal system that is always run is to evaluate ideas of employee fairly, and selected proposal is implemented immediately. The person who suggests idea that selected in this system will be compensated and also reflected on his/her promotion.
  • Annual salary contract renewal through negotiations
  • Incentive is paid reflecting to performances every half year
  • Special bonus for ideas selected in proposal system
  • Special bonus and break given through annual excellence award
  • Fairly conducted without discrimination such age or education in accordance with by company rules
  • There will be special promotion for person who contributes to development of company by the discussion of personnel committee.

직원의 복지를 위한 다양한 지원

  • 근무체계

    Working 5days a week, family events, annual leaves

  • 교육/기타

    Provide professional education in domestic institution, foreign language education in company

  • 복리후생

    Provide compulsory 4 insurances, medical expenses, child tuition, expenses for book, gift for national holidays and anniversary

  • 여가지원

    Provide condominium membership and support company clubs